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Mental Health Treatment, Boise, ID

Dr. Pines was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Loyola University Chicago, receiving a bachelor’s degree in 1981 majoring in psychology and biology. He received a master’s degree in developmental psychology from Loyola University Chicago in 1984. Dr. Pines went on to attend osteopathic medical school at Des Moines University, graduating in 1989. He did a rotating family medicine internship at Lakeview Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dr. Pines attended the Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry in Topeka, Kansas, from 1993 to 1997. He trained in general psychiatry and was board certified in general psychiatry in the year 2000. Dr. Pines and his family moved to Boise, Idaho, in 1997. He took a position as a staff psychiatrist at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center/Behavioral Health division at that time. Dr. Pines worked at Saint Alphonsus for more than 14 years. During the time he was there, he served as a Medical Director and a staff psychiatrist and worked on both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric units. Dr. Pines has been in private practice for the past several years. He is also involved in research evaluating efficacy of new treatments for psychiatric disorders.

Dr. Pines’s current areas of interest/expertise include all adult mental health disorders, inpatient and outpatient psychiatric treatment, individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and psychopharmacotherapy (medication management). Dr. Pines also works with members of a multidisciplinary treatment team at Mountain View Behavioral Health (where his private practice office is located). Dr. Pines believes in a “holistic” approach to mental health treatment. He believes that patients can benefit from psychiatric medications but need much more than pills and medicine to attain the best possible mental and emotional health. A multidisciplinary approach includes treatments such as individual psychotherapy/counseling, group therapy, biofeedback, meditation, mindfulness training, appropriate diet, appropriate sleep hygiene, exercise, and spiritual services if interested. Dr. Pines believes in the importance of support groups, mentoring of severely mentally ill patients, community-based resource services, and other community services for patients. Dr. Pines works with his patients to develop appropriate treatment plans, including psychopharmacotherapy and is interested in collaborating with all outside providers as part of the patient’s mental health team.

In addition to his work as a psychiatrist, Dr. Pines enjoys studying major historical figures such as U.S. presidents and understanding how they became successful, but also how they overcame challenges in their lives, especially mental health challenges (depression, psychosis, bipolar symptoms, anxiety, etc.). Dr. Pines also enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and hiking and feels very lucky and blessed to live in the beautiful state of Idaho.

Dr. Pine Boise, Idaho

Dr. Richard Pines

Osteopathic Physician/ Adult Psychiatrist

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