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Dr. Richard Pines, Adult Psychiatrist

Dr. Pines welcomes patients who have Medicare, and Medicaid. The doctor embraces his training as an osteopathic physician and believes in utilizing a holistic approach to treating every patient who walks in the door. Osteopathic physicians believe that the role of any doctor is not to “fix” the patient but rather to provide the necessary tools and guidance in helping the patients heal themselves in mind, body, and spirit.
He sees patients with a variety of mental illnesses and comorbid mental health problems. His areas of expertise include: comorbid mental health and chemical dependency problems (“addiction”), autism spectrum disorders, adult ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), depression, bipolar/manic depressive disorder, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and other anxiety disorders, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), personality disorders, memory problems/dementia, sleep disorders/insomnia, neurodevelopmental disorders, and other complicated mental health disorders.
His services include the following:
Psychiatric/Mental Health Evaluations (60 minutes): 1-on-1 with a patient and any interested family members. These appointments entail gathering a thorough past mental health and treatment history, performing a mental status examination, and assessing the patient’s current level of functioning. These aspects of the evaluation are then utilized by Dr. Pines to make an appropriate diagnosis and develop an appropriate multidisciplinary treatment plan with every patient. Treatment plans usually include talk therapy processes and may or may not include psychiatric medication treatment. Dr. Pines has over 25 years of medical experience in prescribing and managing psychiatric medications which allows him to optimally prescribe as few medications as possible.
Medication Management (15-30 minutes, 1-4 times per month): These appointments may or may not include a family member. During these appointments, vital signs are assessed, a brief mental status examination is performed, and a history of the patient’s response to current medications is obtained. Before making any treatment adjustments, the doctor considers the patient’s lifestyle, current and past medication effectiveness, and any side effects. Patient feedback is very important in this process, and the length of treatment depends on the patient’s response and their specific treatment regimen.
Counseling (45 – 50 minutes, 1-4 times per month): As an expert psychotherapist, the doctor has worked with adults of all ages who have a wide spectrum of mental health problems. Dr. Pines actively listens to his patients and uses a holistic approach in his therapy sessions, combining both supportive (empathetic) and expressive (analytic) techniques. The goal of these sessions is to help the patient better understand herself/himself with the intent of leading a healthier, happier life. Patients usually remain the counseling process anywhere from a few weeks up to one year. If the patient is taking psychiatric medications, management of these medications is integrated into these therapy appointments.
Adult Group Therapy (45-50 minutes, 2-4 times per month): These sessions usually involve 8-10 people with similar struggles. Dr Pines is in the process of putting together a new group and is currently assessing patients for possible participation in this group. At these sessions, people share their problems and discover new ways to can receive support for themselves while also supporting each other.
Multidisciplinary Treatment (Referrals): As an osteopathic physician, the doctor works with many local mental health and medical providers throughout the Treasure Valley. One of his roles as a psychiatrist is to develop and expand a multifaceted approach to each patient’s mental health treatment. He frequently refers patients for other appropriate treatments and services such as: general medical care, psychological testing, neurocognitive testing, neurological examinations, EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy), and other community-based services.


Dr. Pines Boise, Idaho

Dr. Richard Pines

Osteopathic Physician/Adult Psychiatrist

Dr. Pines is an experienced psychiatrist who has worked in the Treasure Valley for more than 20 years. Dr. Pines holds a special place in his heart for military veterans. His father served in the WWII European Theater. Dr. Pines
is interested in working with individuals who have served our country.